How CUTE are these little gems?!  These are handmade small gift or favor bags made out of newspapers.  What a fun way for you to recycle and make something really cute for your wedding, bridal shower, party, or any special event

In case you don't want newspaper for your bags - such as if you're making these for a wedding or wedding rehearsal dinner event and you want your colors to match - you can always choose to use colored scrapbook paper in the color palette of your event.  For a glitz and glamour, you can use metallic foil wrapping paper for your bags.  For a colorful look, try glossy, bold colored pages from a magazine.  For an antique look, old book pages or vintage catalog pages would work.   

Here's a link to the instructions (written in a different language).  You can translate the website or maybe you can figure it out from the photos.   

What captured my attention on these is the doilies and bows on the top of the little bags.  It totally makes the look, in my opinion!  I can get a pack of 4" doilies at my craft store...only $1.99 for a pack of 35, as well as just about any color ribbon I want for the bows.   You make two slits in the middle on one side of the doilies after folding them in half, and slip some ribbon through, then tie a tiny bow.  It adds a lovely, romantic touch to your bags.  Fill them up with candy, mints or favors, and leave one at each seat or table at your event.  Your guests will think they're just adorable, but the best thing is, they don't cost a fortune to make!  

Okay, I have to admit, I'm a sucker for anything vintage or antique.  When looking for a great invitation or card to review for you today, I stumbled upon these little gems.

First, I love the style.  The little details of the photo frame and the flourishes draw the eye right in to your engagement photo.  The fonts chosen are a spectacular choice for the style and look great on the textured background.

But here's what I really, really love about these save the date cards...they're POSTCARDS!  Postcards are great - they make an impression right off the bat without having to open an envelope, and they are less expensive to mail...hence my "budget friendly" designation I give these cards.  

<-- And take a look at the other side of the cards.  Truly elegant, once again in keeping with the vintage style.  I love it when a designer thinks about the other side.  This is first class.

There's even an extra bonus with this save the date postcard's available in tons of additional colors and shades, giving a wide variety of choices to you and your finance.  Take a look below to see what other colors we found in the Plush Paper shop.  
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How FUN are these save the date cards?  Created by designer Allyson Johnson, these cute-as-can-be modern save the date wedding announcements featured color blocks in the center for your wedding month, day and year.  Customize by not only putting in your names and place of your wedding, but you can put FOUR fabulous photos of you and your sweetheart in these delightful, refreshing, hip cards!

Cards are flat, and the back is blank...but if you want to get really adventurous, click customize it to add another photograph or two on the back, a special message to your friends and family, or more notes about your wedding day.  Look below to see all the simply stylish colors available for these photo save the date cards.
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