Bichon Frise
The first design created in the Torn Paper Design series is this sweet Bichon Frise.  Growing up, my family had a Bichon named Brigitte.  I fought and fought for my parents to let us have a dog, and finally, on Christmas Day when I was 15, a precious little ball of white fur joined our family.

She was actually flown in from Chicago on Christmas Eve.  Back then, the Bichon wasn't a breed you could readily obtain near where you lived.  My parents had apparently searched and searched until they found a reputable breeder.  My dad disappeared for hours on Christmas Eve -- mom told us it was for his job that he had to be gone, but in reality he was at the airport picking up our new puppy.

We had 15 great years with Brigitte.  She was a delightful little dog, and I have such fond memories of her. Maybe someday, I'll have another Bichon. But for now, I've created this little drawing to remember her little happy face and snowy fur.

The plain Bichon drawing is available on gifts here.  I've also created a Christmas Bichon Frise design and a Birthday Bichon Frise design.




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