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Ooooh Baby Baby, what pretty colors you have!  That's what everyone's saying about our new birth announcements, available in an amazing array of 33 candy-licious colors.  

Gone are the days of only blue and pink cards for your baby boy and baby girl!  We still have those, but now you can choose from so many additional fun colors for this modern and elegant birth announcement.  

Upload your new baby's photo to the front and input your little one's name, birth day, time, weight, and your name(s).  It's a fabulous way to introduce your latest addition to the world.  Send out one color or multiple colors if you want to add variety to your presentation.  The back of these 5x7" photo card birth announcements are blank - feel free to customize the back side to add more photos, additional text, or even a sweet new baby poem or pr to make your baby's birth even more memorable to your family and friends.  

Click on your favorite color below to get started to designing your one of a kind, original, unique birth announcement.

Introduce your newborn baby to the world with these fun modern custom baby birth announcements.  Add your baby's photo and birth details easily, and enjoy a range of 12 colors to choose from.  Shown on the left is the medium blue design, which is perfect for your baby boy.  Also available in:  Sky Blue, Lavender, Ebony Black, Olive Green, Beeswax Yellow, Taupe, Orange, Coral, Deep Blue Gray, Honeysuckle Pink, and Ruby Red.

What a fun way to introduce your new addition to the family!  Just upload your new baby's photo to these announcements, change the name and details, and you're all set to let everyone know about your new little boy or girl.

Shown at the left is the medium blue color stork custom baby announcement.  I've created 11 other colors for you!  Also available in:  Honeysuckle PinkSky BlueCoralTaupeBeeswax YellowLavenderBlackDeep Blue GrayTangerine OrangeRuby Red • Olive Green 

When your little one makes his or her way into this world, announce the event with one of our classy, elegant custom baby announcements.

These pink and blue baby announcements are totally customizable with all of your new family member's pertinent information.  Just change the text in the boxes, and upload a photo of your newborn, and watch your new baby announcement come to life on the screen!

Shown in pink on the left is the baby girl announcement.  Here's the link to the baby boy announcement, created in a lovely shade of blue.