Okay, I have to admit, I'm a sucker for anything vintage or antique.  When looking for a great invitation or card to review for you today, I stumbled upon these little gems.

First, I love the style.  The little details of the photo frame and the flourishes draw the eye right in to your engagement photo.  The fonts chosen are a spectacular choice for the style and look great on the textured background.

But here's what I really, really love about these save the date cards...they're POSTCARDS!  Postcards are great - they make an impression right off the bat without having to open an envelope, and they are less expensive to mail...hence my "budget friendly" designation I give these cards.  

<-- And take a look at the other side of the cards.  Truly elegant, once again in keeping with the vintage style.  I love it when a designer thinks about the other side.  This is first class.

There's even an extra bonus with this save the date postcard design...it's available in tons of additional colors and shades, giving a wide variety of choices to you and your finance.  Take a look below to see what other colors we found in the Plush Paper shop.  
Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another.  ~ Thomas Merton
How FUN are these save the date cards?  Created by designer Allyson Johnson, these cute-as-can-be modern save the date wedding announcements featured color blocks in the center for your wedding month, day and year.  Customize by not only putting in your names and place of your wedding, but you can put FOUR fabulous photos of you and your sweetheart in these delightful, refreshing, hip cards!

Cards are flat, and the back is blank...but if you want to get really adventurous, click customize it to add another photograph or two on the back, a special message to your friends and family, or more notes about your wedding day.  Look below to see all the simply stylish colors available for these photo save the date cards.
Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible - it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.  ~Barbara de Angelis

Red Simple Flourish Wedding Invitations
Sometimes simple is the best choice for your wedding day.  And we've created this line of simple flourish modern wedding stationery to be just that!  We've kept the text simple too, in a mid-tone gray.  But of course, you can change that if you'd like.  In fact, if you want us to prepare this stationery in other colors than we have already made, it's simple, too!  Just contact us and tell us what you want - and we'll get right on the project!

Shown here is the Red Simple Flourish Wedding Collection.  Be sure to check out the blue, lavender, olive green, orange, and of course, classy black and white.

And just for visiting this blog, we're happy to offer you a 50% discount on your purchase!  Simply enter the code WEDDINGAISLE when you checkout.  Hurry!  Offer is good only until February 28th, 2012.

Featured on our front page is the new Peacock and Feathers wedding stationery.  A fun design, in tune with the style of the Torn Paper Designs series, but with a little extra bit of elegance coming from the peacock's flowing and colorful feathers, this design is perfect for a peacock themed wedding!  

Shown at the left is the Peacock and Feathers custom wedding invitation.  See below for the other wedding stationery, save the date cards, stamps, cards, custom wedding gifts, and other gifts for those who just adore peacocks.

I've had this design in my mind for a while, it's finally come to pass!  The Planted Hearts design features a potted plant of hearts, perfect for anyone in love or who loves gardening and plants.  This fun design makes for great wedding imagery in the cute, fun style the Torn Paper Designs are known for - shown at the left is the Planted Hearts Save the Date Stickers.

See below for the full range of products, including wedding invitations, photo save the date cards, and other gifts this design is available on for those special moments in life.

Who doesn't love the beauty of a large, bold sunflower?  A single sunflower bloom is the focus in this new group of products from the Torn Paper Design series.  Featured on the left is the refreshing Save the Date card with this fun flower.  Perfect for the wedding which encompasses this beautiful flower into the decor!

Get the Sunflower Save the Date cards here.  Also, check out the many other gifts, wedding stationery, and cards with this colorful, simple sunflower below.

Remember these things which fall from the Maple trees?  As kids, we called them "helicopters".  I've also called them "whirly birds".  In looking closer at them, I realized how much they make a statement about being a couple.

These are actually called "Maple Keys", and there is a pair of seeds in the center, encased in a nutlet.  Each side has a wing which is fine, like tissue paper.  Both seeds, and both wings, need to be present for the keys to fly correctly.  When they are both present and balanced, the Maple keys can travel a very long distance.  When one is missing, however, the other will fall to the ground.

It reminds me of the importance of coming together in a marriage.  As a couple, we come together and balance each other out.  By becoming one and becoming balanced, we can travel a long distance.  I thought the image of the Maple tree seeds "whirly birds" made a fabulous design for wedding stationery!

I've designed these wedding invitations in 4 colors:  Lime Green and Brown, Red and Brown, Turquoise Blue and Brown, and Lavender and Brown.  This wedding stationery is perfect for the couple who loves nature and the outdoors!

Here's another classy and elegant Save the Date announcement you can customize with your photo and text.  Simple and to the point, these announcement cards are a brilliant way to let friends and family know about your upcoming wedding.  Shown on the left in Ruby Red, these save the date announcements are also available in 11 additional colors:  Honeysuckle Pink, Deep Blue Gray, Coral, Juicy Orange, Taupe, Beeswax Yellow, Olive Green, Lavender, Blue, Sky Blue, and Ebony Black.

This week I've designed these fun Save the Date wedding announcements in the same 12 color palette I used for the Damask 12 Wedding Invitation series.

Upload your own landscape orientation photo in place of my sample photo, change the words to match your names and wedding details, and viola!  You have a custom save the date card, as easy as 1-2-3!

These photo save the dates are available in the following colors:  Deep Blue Gray (shown) • CoralBeeswax Yellow and BlackBlackOlive GreenLavenderMedium BlueHoneysuckle PinkRuby RedSky BlueTangerine OrangeTaupe 

I've also designed them as postcards, which are a bit smaller than the 5"x7" announcement as shown above.  You can see them all in my Save the Date Photo Cards section of the shop.