Celebrate your the bride-to-be's last night as a single woman with wild fun when you start the evening with these classy and sleek bachelorette party invitations!  A striking damask emblem is patterned with wild animal fur and accented with photos of two diamonds to add a bit of glitz and glamour to your invite.  Totally customizable to provide all of the pertinent details for your event, you'll certainly draw a crowd with these fun and exotic party invitations!

Shown at the left is the leopard print bachelorette party invitation.  We also offer a Zebra design, Snow Leopard design, Tiger print design and Giraffe design

These animal print damask and diamond invitations can also be used as birthday invitations - just change the text to suit your event!

Feel like sharing your wild side?  Check out our new Rick Shaw bags featuring our animal print damask collection!  Each damask emblem has a favorite animal pattern, and two glitzy "diamonds" as well.  (note: sorry ladies, diamonds are not real...but they are photos of real ones!) 

Shown at the left is our Tiger RickShaw damask bag.  We also offer a Leopard bag, a Snow Leopard bag, a Zebra bag, and a Giraffe bag.

But don't stop here!  Add a matching computer sleeve, a matching planner, and top it all off with a matching key ring.