Remember these things which fall from the Maple trees?  As kids, we called them "helicopters".  I've also called them "whirly birds".  In looking closer at them, I realized how much they make a statement about being a couple.

These are actually called "Maple Keys", and there is a pair of seeds in the center, encased in a nutlet.  Each side has a wing which is fine, like tissue paper.  Both seeds, and both wings, need to be present for the keys to fly correctly.  When they are both present and balanced, the Maple keys can travel a very long distance.  When one is missing, however, the other will fall to the ground.

It reminds me of the importance of coming together in a marriage.  As a couple, we come together and balance each other out.  By becoming one and becoming balanced, we can travel a long distance.  I thought the image of the Maple tree seeds "whirly birds" made a fabulous design for wedding stationery!

I've designed these wedding invitations in 4 colors:  Lime Green and Brown, Red and Brown, Turquoise Blue and Brown, and Lavender and Brown.  This wedding stationery is perfect for the couple who loves nature and the outdoors!



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