Red Wedding Cake
This new artwork in the Torn Paper Designs series is a challenge for me when it comes to something I normally design with elegance in mind, such as wedding invitations and stationery.

I wanted to come up with some cute designs which would fit in with this fun and lighthearted series, and still apply for one of the most memorable occasions in life - your wedding.

My first design with a wedding in mind is this wedding cake series, which features white cakes with 4 different colors of ribbons and rose.

I've created a red wedding cake, a teal green wedding cake, a purple wedding cake, and a pink wedding cake.  So if you want to add some fun and lightheartedness to your special day, check out these wedding invitations and the matching stationery and custom gifts.  Also, if you'd like this wedding cake design created in colors specific for your wedding ceremony, just drop me a note!




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